Steadlyn Hypnotizer


Lolmar Goldens proudly presents for stud Steadlyn Hypnotizer. Tyzer is adult show champion of 4 countries. His father, Steadlyn Recognition, is two time World Show Champion and European Champion. Tyzer was bred at the world renowned Steadlyn Kennel in Italy by Mia Ejerstad. Tyzer is available to approved females. We offer cytology ovulation testing to predict your females ovulation, thus ensuring we mate your bitch at her optimal fertile period, ensuring the best chance of pregnancy. Artificial Insemination also available for bitches by trained AI Specialist Contact Mark for further details.

Health Tested


Multi (3) Ch
Steadlyn Recognition
Ital Ch
You Tube-N Di Monte Gentile
Multi Ch
Savali Opium
Made In Spain Sur-f-n
Cindy-N Del VelabroMoshe-N Del VelabroLucilla-N Dell’anteler
Recognition’s The VocationSteadlyn The ZillionaireItal Ch
You Tube-N Di Monte Gentile
Spike Jones Endless Enjoy
Recognition’s Ultimate AngelSteadlyn The UltimateSteadlyn Strepitosa-N

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